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George Capital


LMS has conditionally committed to invest in a niche real estate strategy based on the repositioning and enhancement of mixed-use assets in regional city centres.

Further amounts may be committed depending on how markets develop.

The team has demonstrated its ability to source well priced assets, taking advantage of pricing inefficiencies in the £5 – £20 million size.

The team believes that attractive opportunities will continue to become available and is positioning itself to be able to take advantage of the market

Nile House, Glasgow (As acquired)
Nile House, Glasgow (Consented Hotel Scheme)


The team is led by Ben Young, ex Delancey and British Land. Ben has raised and invested two funds since starting George Capital.


The team has already successfully implemented this strategy in its first two funds.

As a cornerstone investor, LMS will receive enhanced economics and certain other rights, including two seats on the investment committee.

Investment thesis

The team focus on mixed-use assets in regional city centres BUT recognising the need to be adaptable to market conditions.

Targeting smaller lot sizes (£5m – £20m), typically too complex for private investors and too small for larger funds, creating attractive entry pricing.

The team are looking for income-producing assets that can be “re-worked” to increase value whilst maintain income.

Why is George Capital attractive to LMS?

It is a niche strategy offering an attractive, risk-adjusted, annual yield and overall total returns in line with LMS targets. LMS’ Cornerstone investor rights include economic benefits and influence over the manner/pace of investment.

It’s unencumbered by legacy asset positions – positioned to take advantage of a growing pipeline of potential deals over coming months.