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Striking the balance between preserving and creating wealth

About LMS Capital

An investment for family offices, high net worth and other investors

LMS Capital plc is a fully listed investment company. Family offices, high net worth investors and others are attracted by our returns, our co-investment opportunities and the character of our investments.

We seek to achieve a balance between preserving and growing wealth. We expect to deliver an overall total return, net of costs, over the longer term of 12%-15% per annum, of which an element will include an annual distribution.

We invest in areas where we have demonstrable success over some 40+ years of investing:

  • Real estate
  • Energy
  • Late-stage private equity

We will pursue transactions, working with specialist management teams in investee companies who we know and trust.

We will identify deal opportunities which are not readily accessible by larger managers and funds.

The Company has a strong and experienced Board and management team and it is directly accountable to its shareholders.

Our investment approach

Substantial available investment capital from our own balance sheet and our co-investors

Our sectors

We build on areas
of past success

Real estate

The LMS team has a long history of investing in real estate, and providing cornerstone funding to entrepreneurs for the creation of niche real estate businesses.


LMS has deep relationships in the energy sector giving it competitive advantage in sourcing opportunities.

Late stage private equity

We have a track record of success in late stage private equity investment, creating wealth for both our shareholders and the entrepreneurs.


Collaborative and rigorous model, fit for today’s economic cycles


Our proven record of achieved success & company history


We are committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance

LMS is a Premium listed London Stock Exchange investment company, it is internally managed and is registered with the FCA on the Register of Small Registered UK AIFMs (FRN 849541).

As an internally managed business its Board takes full responsibility for the performance of the business.

The Board comprises a majority of independent non executive directors with relevant experience.

In fulfilling its responsibilities, the Board exercises oversight through its key committees – Investment Committee, Audit Committee, Remuneration Committee and Nomination Committee.

These Committees provide rigorous challenge around decisions in their respective areas.

There is a schedule of formal Board and Committee meetings throughout the year, with a frequent dialogue amongst Board members and the senior team, in addition to the formal meetings.